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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Full Scan virus. How to remove it

Full Scan is a virus nowadays attacking unsecure PCs all over the world. In some cases it is referred to as FullScan too (i.e. as mix of these two words). It comes to your machine without your consent or authorization. Needless to mention, this is done by means of trojans and other system vulnerabilities that make it quite easy for Full Scan virus to dwell in your computer.

Just as many other rogues, Full Scan tends to present various fake system scans and annoying popups claiming that something is going really wrong with your PC. Many false problems are detected, and then Full Scan rogue offers itself as the only solution for elimination of detected problems. Of course, this offer is payable. But we do not want you to be tricked. Make sure and remove this virus from your computer. Otherwise you may sufer major loss and desparate situation with your PC. Do not trust Full Scan virus and remove it as soon as you can. Good luck!

Delete Full Scan files:

Delete Full Scan registry entries:

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