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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What is PrivacyCorrector and why you should keep out of it?

Well, to say it briefly, this is just another fake security application that needs to be removed immediately upon its detection on your PC. Otherwise it may do so many unpredictable things on your computer that you can't even imagine.

You need to know that, similar to many other rogues, PrivacyCorrector shows various warnings claiming the presence of viruses and threats on your computer. This is all done for the only purpose - to convince you to buy this fake application. In order to make its attempts sound more persuasive, PrivacyCorrector uses the warnings masked as decent Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. At the same time, this is a fake alert in reality.

No doubt, soon you will see the message that PrivacyGuard is the only remedy for elimination of detected infections and threat, afterwards the offer to buy the full version of this junkware would come up. Do not follow this trick. Do not trust these fake and ridiculous promises made by PrivacyCorrector. Seek assistance from a reputable anti-virus software. GridinSoft Trojan Killer, for example, is capable of getting rid of this virus. Optionally you may remove the infection manually using the removal instructions given below.
Delete PrivacyCorrector files:

Delete PrivacyCorrector registry entries:

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