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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memory Optimizer virus. How to get rid of MemoryOptimizer rogue.

What is Memory Optimizer? This is the question that is now being often asked in various online search engines. It is sad to confirm that this is a new rogue. A virus hidden under the mask of some good program. But the truth of the fact is that Memory Optimizer should be removed, as French say, "tout de suite". Immediately, without loitering.

It would present tons of error messages about your hard drive disk, memory issues, system functionality decrease, etc. It would even run some fake scans, so that you would be scared of the number of detected problems. Then it would offer itself as a solution for repair of all identified problems. You need to disregard any messages presented by it and remove it as soon as you can. Below you may find out how to do it, both manually and automatically.

Delete Memory Optimizer files:

Delete Memory Optimizer registry entries:

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