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Monday, February 21, 2011

How to remove Windows Optimal Tool rogue application

What is Windows Optimal Tool? This is the actual problem that make anxious many PC users whose computers are damaged with this malicious tool. Be attentive - this virus hides its real purposes. Be turned up and do not let them trick, all information they say is far away from the truth.

Windows Optimal Tool scam has the only aim – to make you believe that there are serious problems with your computer and that Windows Optimal Tool is the best remedy for elimination of all detected parasites. Upon successful penetration inside of the machine the virus Windows Optimal Tool initiates series of fictitious scans. Upon termination of such scans the report would appear that your PC is seriously infected and all parasites threaten the normal PC functioning. Be attentive about such reports. They recommend you to pay money for Windows Optimal Tool virus and promise it would be shield and buckler for your PC. Windows Optimal Tool fake program blocks Internet, and you will be brought to undesired pages. Additionally, the program would prevent you from running many desired programs. Windows Optimal Tool would just totally disturb you sending ads that come up in front of your desktop on a quite frequently basis.

In other words, do not linger because security of your computer is under menace. Windows Optimal Tool is a malicious tool and must be uninstalled ASAP. We have prepared the removal instructions which, we believe, will be helpful to you. We wish to be clean from any invaders which can compromise the security of your computer.

For automatic or manual removal of this PC pest called Window Optimal Tool we strongly recommend you first reading more detailed removal instructions developed by GridinSoft Trojan Killer Team.
Delete Windows Optimal Tool files:

Delete Windows Optimal Tool registry entries:

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