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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is Windows User Satellite? Why and how can this rogue be removed?

Have you heard of Windows User Satellite? We hope that if you have, this took place only via reading some article. We really hope that your PC will never be infected with this malicious program. However, it is our duty to tell you about this scareware in order to prevent you from paying for this scam tool bearing the name of Windows User Satellite if your PC turned out to be infected with it.

It is peculiar that Windows User Satellite gets inside of PCs through fabricated Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts notices. Even though they seem to be pretty very much the same as the true ones, still they are just the bunch of lies. They are simply prepared and popping up in order to whitelist the actual malicious plot of Windows User Satellite scam. This malware in order to get inside of the PC makes you hit the screen buttons it offers you to. If you do not hit them, still this scareware would come up again with the next system reboot. This way or another, you would most probably hit the buttons it tells you to, and his is how Windows User Satellite virus is installed and running on your machine.

Once your system restarts Windows User Satellite windows is in front of your desktop, pretending to run some kind of PC scanning. Again we would like to tell you that this scan is fake, and hence you should not trust it. At the end of this scan the tool would report plenty of infections and PC errors. Do not trust these fake reports, because their only objective is to make you believe that this tool is the only right answer for removal of all identified threats. Soon the offer would appear for you to obtain the full version of this badware.

It goes without saying that Windows User Satellite is a malware that must be removed at once, no matter how nice its GUI seems to be. In order to assist you with this important objective we have developed the automatic and manual removal prescriptions for you. Please find them described below.

Delete Windows User Satellite files:

Delete Windows User Satellite registry entries:

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