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Sunday, March 13, 2011

How do I remove Windows Diagnostic virus?

Windows Diagnostic stands for another fake system optimizer from the relatively new clan of fake system defraggers. Even though its name sounds quite attractively, it has really nothing to do with decent Microsoft applications or any other decent tools. Windows Diagnostic stands for the phishing scam application that only aims to push users into giving money for totally useless program and indicating their credit card information.

Windows Diagnostics junkware in most of the cases penetrates to PCs via Trojans and immediately commences showing all sorts of messages about hardware problems. All these messages are in advance prepared, but they are far away from the real hardware issues of your computer. Windows Diagnostic shows various alerts which are fake and you hardware is most probably in the excellent state and not like it is reported to be. Still, in order to persuade you Windows Diagnostic will aim to imitate hardware errors. It is carried out in 2 steps – by opening various folders while browsing the disk in windows explorer or by presenting folders as empty. Moreover, it randomly prevents from running some programs by means of showing fake system messages about impossibility of their launching. From time to time Windows Diagnostic would permit applications to be launched, and in some cases certain applications may even function normally. At the same time, this rogue will actively block security programs and decent anti-viruses from being launched. Another bad thing that Window Diagnostic performs is that it will commence a short scan via clicking on windows Start menu and later on it will show plenty of fake alerts. If you decide to hit one of such alerts, the main executable of Windows Diagnostic would be “installed” and launched. It will show bogus scan results (similar to the ones in the alerts). This scamware will state that your computer is in the terrible state: HDD is almost broken, RAM and CPU overheating and registry requires optimization. In fact, most of such problems could not be resolved by software alone, and would demand some hardware change. At the same time, Windows Diagnostic states it is able to cure such problems if you buy full version of this junkware. This is why it is a typical scam program, and you must not pay for Windows Diagnostic virus.

If Windows Diagnostic blocks anti-malware program recommended by us, try downloading it in safe mode with networking, and before downloading it make sure to disable proxy server in your web browser. Please find the below-mentioned removal instructions telling you how to remove Windows Diagnostic virus from your computer immediately, at the very first detection. Please do not tolerate it and get rid of it at once. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you require our help.

Delete Windows Diagnostic files:

Delete Windows Diagnostic registry entries:

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