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Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to remove Windows Troublemakers Agent using GridinSoft Trojan Killer

Windows Troublemakers Agent is yet another cyber parasite that has just been "born" in the family of rogue developers from Russia. It is ridiculous how silly these guys pick up the names for their new rogues. Even the name of this virus Windows Troublemakers Agent does not make any sence, because probably nobody would argee to install such a stupidly named program. However, Windows Troublemakers Agent malicious codes penetrate to PC without user's consent or approval.

At the same time, Windows Troublemakers Agent is designed in such a manner that user has to "participate" in its installation process. This is all done by means of fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts. User has no other option to click the buttons offered by one of such fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts. If he/she chooses "Cancel" option - still this fake alert would appear with every system reboot. Thus, people are forced to proceed with the installation process of Windows Troublemakers Agent and then, upon forced reboot, they are in front of the main program window of this horrible virus. Then it commences its "housewarming" party on the attacked PC - by first running the fake system scan accompanied with lots of annoying popup ads and other fake error messages. The user gets scammed by the enormous amount of viruses and problems detected. And this is when Windows Troublemakers Agent offers itself as a solution for elimination of all supposedly detected threats on the condition that you first pay for this scam called Windows Troublemakers Agent. Be careful, cause this is just the bunch of lies that should not be trusted. Either you pay for it or not does not save you from viruses, cause Windows Troublemakers Agent is the virus by itself. If you buy it you would simply lose your hard earned money, and then the old British saying can be truly appied to such deceived users: "The woman's life was easy until she made it busy - she bought herself a pig!" This pig is called Windows Troublemakers Agent and it can make real mess with your computer.

Do not tolerate Windows Troublemakers Agent scam and make sure to remove it using the decent anti-virus program capable of accomplishing this task. Please be cautious enough to read the below-mentioned removal guidelines for elimination of this "cyber messy pig" called Windows Troublemakers Agent, otherwise you may face real disaster inside of your system. However, we seriously urge to carefully read all removal instructions stipulated below, otherwise we do not guarantee successful removal of this virus. It is not enough just to run the anti-virus program called GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Therefore, read every word attentively and then follow our instructions. Good luck to you!

Before downloading and running GridinSoft Trojan Killer for removal of Windows Troublemakers Agent several additional preparatory steps need to be done. This is necesary, because Windows Troublemakers Agent blocks your Internet connection, and you will not be able to run GridinSoft Trojan Killer. In order to prevent this blockage make sure that your Operating System is tuned up in such a mode that hidden files and folders of your PC are viewable. Go to the folder %User Profile%\Application Data\Microsoft. Important! Depending on the Operating System of your computer, %UserProfile% stands for C:\Documents and Settings\[Current User] for Windows XP and C:\Users\[Current User] for Windows Vista/7. In other words, the folder that should be opened is as follows, depending on the operating system: %SysDrive%Documents and Settings[Current User]Application Data\Microsoft for Windows XP and %SysDrive%Users[Current User]Application Data\Microsoft for Windows Vista/7. In this folder there will be the main executable file of Windows Troublemakers Agent (with the icon of avi file), having some random name. Rename the above-mentioned executable file into some other name of your choice and restart your computer. Upon the system restart Windows Troublemakers Agent will no longer block your Internet browser. Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to your infected computer, install it and run it.

The removal procedure of Windows Troublemakers Agent is very similar to removal of Windows Privacy Agent as shown at this video. The only difference is that the file to be renamed is located in the "Microsoft" folder (%User Profile%\Application Data\Microsoft)

Delete Windows Troublemakers Agent files:

Delete Windows Troublemakers Agent registry entries:

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