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Friday, April 15, 2011

How to remove Antivirus Protection virus. Uninstall guilde

In this post we are going to show you how to get rid of Antivirus Protection virus (also known as Antivirus Protection Trial). This is indeed the scam application that should be removed immediately from your computer. By the way, in one of our previous newsletters we told you about Antivirus Protection malware already. Now we have a chance to show the step-by-step removal of this malicious pest as described in the video guide provided below.

It will be shown in all details in the video below, however, here is the brief list of what Antivirus Protection virus does once it penetrated to your machine:

  • Unauthorized starup with every Windows launching.
  • Throwing plenty of annoying popups in front of your desktop.
  • Blocking your Internet broswer to prevent you from downloading decent anti-virus program to remove Antivirus Protection scam.
  • Blocking your Task Manager to prevent you from terminating the process of Antivirus Protection malware.
  • Trying to persuade you to buy the full version of Antivirus Protection, which is as useless as the trial one.

Do not ever buy Antivirus Protection. This is a virus that will not help you to fix real problem. It tells you many lies, and the problems reported by it do not exist in reality. Remove Antivirus Protection immediately to prevent further damage of your PC.

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