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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beware of Windows Precautions Center scam! How to remove Windows Precautions Center virus

If you do not know where to find the solution for removal of Windows Precautions Center malware then this article is worth reading. We have analyzed Windows Precautions Center program and came to the conclusion that it is not the program worth considering or buying. Keep in mind that the only goal of Windows Precautions Center is to reap earnings by means of applying all kinds of scary and tricky techniques. We hope that you will be smart enough not to follow its fraudulent approaches. Remember that the only right solution for you would be to get rid of Windows Precautions Center malware. Hence, there is no point buying it at all, no matter how convincing it might sound or seem to be. Indeed, Windows Precautions Center has a very nice-looking interface, but remember that this is just the outward impression, which is by all means deceptive.

Windows Precautions Center is using fake Microsoft Security Essential Alerts for its successful infiltration into the attacked machine. However, all such alerts are designed in such a way that the users has to participate in the infiltration process of Windows Precautions Center malware. In other words, user has to click the buttons offered by such fake Microsoft Security Essential Alert. If the user refuses from clicking them then this fake windows would come up again anyway with the next system reboot. Hence, you need to analyze why it happened that this fake alert appeared in front of you. Probably it means that either you need to install some decent anti-virus application with pro-active defense, or you need to be more careful while browsing the sites or downloading all kinds of applications from the Internet.

Fake system scans and fake scan reports is what accompanies Windows Precautions Center virus. Moreover, Windows Precautions Center would throw you up with plenty of annoying popups and other messages, which are indeed very irritating. Windows Precautions Center is blocking your desktop for some time (before its fake scan is completed). The only reason for all such fake scans and fake reports is to scare users into purchasing the full version of Windows Precautions Center which, according to its promises, can fix all of the supposedly detected PC errors and problems. Keep in mind that all of them are fake, as well as the promises of Windows Precautions Center to have them fixed.

The only intention of Windows Precautions Center is to make you pay money for it. It will not be able to help you when real viruses or PC problems take place. Hence, the only wise decision for you would be to remove Windows Precautions Center virus from your system immediately. Below please find the detailed information on how to do it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer (on the example of Windows Remedy virus removal).

Before downloading and running GridinSoft Trojan Killer for deleting Windows Precautions Center some extra preparatory steps must be implemented. This is necesary because Windows Precautions Center virus blocks your Internet connection, and you will not be able to run GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

  • In order to prevent this blockage make sure that your Operating System is tuned up in such a mode that hidden files and folders of your PC are viewable. Go to the folder %User Profile%\Application Data\Microsoft. Important! Depending on the Operating System of your computer, %UserProfile% stands for C:\Documents and Settings\[Current User] for Windows XP and C:\Users\[Current User] for Windows Vista/7. In other words, the folder that should be opened is as follows, depending on the operating system: %SysDrive%Documents and Settings[Current User]Application Data\Microsoft for Windows XP and %SysDrive%Users[Current User]Application Data\Microsoft for Windows Vista/7.
  • In this folder there will be the main executable file of Windows Precautions Center (with the icon of avi file, and there may be several of them), having some random name. Rename the above-mentioned executable file(s) into some other name of your choice and restart your computer.
  • Upon the system restart Windows Precautions Center will no longer block your Internet application. Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to your infected computer, install it and run it.

The removal procedure of Windows Precautions Center is similar to removal of Windows Remedy virus as shown on the video below


We are confident that removal of Windows Precautions Center is quite a feasible task for GridinSoft Trojan Killer. So, if your PC is infected with Windows Precautions Center malware, Gridinsoft Trojan Killer is a good program that can help you remove the above-mentioned virus. Bear in mind that GridinSoft Trojan Killer is not free, however, it is effective in removing all modern threats and viruses which have contaminated the world wide web.

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