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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FBI recommends PC users to be careful while viewing pictures and watching videos showing Usama bin Laden’s recent death

The US FBI warned Internet users about the risk of virus infection that can be contained in the video links or photo materials showing recent death of Usama bin Laden terrorist. The possible virus infection can result in theft of user's personal data.

The FBI message indicated that e-mails with virus links may be sent without authorization even from relatives, friends or colleagues. Social network users are recommended to adjust settings for limitation of unwanted spam messages. Previously it was informed that the procedure of burial of Usama bin Laden, al-Qaida leader, was shot on video. According to the information from mass media, the President of the US Barack Obama decided to publicize at least one death photo of Usama bin Laden who was destroyed by the US army close to the Pakistan capital of Islamabad.

To summarize the above-mentioned, we recommend you to carefully read the FBI warning and follow its instructions that can be found here.

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