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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to Remove Windows Anticrashes Utility Virus. Get rid of Windows Anticrashes Utility Scam Now!

Fraud, scam, rogue, malware, fake – these are the words which truly describe the virus of Windows Anticrashes Utility. The very name of this malware is controversial to the outcome of its activity on the attacked machine. Windows Anticrashes Utility would, on the contrary, do all it can to crash your PC in order to scare you into purchasing its so-called version, which is as useless as the trial one.

All of us want to have our PCs clean from viruses. Therefore, when fake Microsoft Security Essential Alert appears in front of users telling about some kind of virus available on their computers users would be really scared. Therefore, some of them follow the instructions of such fake Microsoft Security Essential Alerts. Hence, when users follow such instructions this is exactly how Windows Anticrashes Utility is being installed onto their PCs. Later on, upon successful installation, Windows Anticrashes Utility would tune up the computer in such a manner that Windows Anticrashes Utility would be launched together with every Windows Startup. Then users would be really annoyed with constant fake system scans originated by Windows Anticrashes Utility and by the subsequent fake reports about all kinds of problems and errors. Do you realize that all of them are fake? If you still believe that they are true then you need to immediately change your mind and completely ignore Windows Anticrashes Utility and whatever it tells you.

Now make sure and entirely and completely get rid of Windows Anticrashes Utility. If you do not want to see the annoying persistent popups originated by Windows Anticrashes Utility virus then you should immediately take all the necessary actions on elimination of this malware. There are several ways how to do this. You may find some anti-virus program to do it automatically or you may do it manually by removing the files and registry entries of Windows Anticrashes Utility virus. Whatever option you choose, do not loiter with removal of Windows Anticrashes Utility infection.

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Amin said...

Hi There,

Good post, but were you aware that Trojan Killer needs an activation code? Would have been nice to know that prior to running the scan. Otherwise, good post helped a lot. Just would have been nice to know it's NOT freeware.

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