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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to uninstall Security Shield virus. Video guide

In one of our previous articles we have told you about Security Shield virus infection. Right now we have been able to test this illegal software on our test machine. Once again, we would like to remind you that Security Shield is the virus application. Therefore, its behaviour on the attacked machine proves that it is the virus indeed.

First of all, Security Shield gets inside of your machine without your consent or approval of such actions. Who would be pleased to see the application that we did not ask for? None of us, that's for sure. This is exactly how Security Shield malware gets installed on the computer. Then, as soon as it is installed, Security Shield would make certain changes into the registry in order to be launched with every startup of your operating system. This is another peculiarity of virus. And, of course, the fake system scans and same fake error and virus reports give us all the grounds to assert that Security Shield is the malware that must be removed immediately. Moreover, taking into consideration the fact that Security Shield tries to scare you into purchasing its so-called full version. Never buy it and do not trust it, no matter how convincing Security Shield might be.

If your computer has been infected with Security Shield then this is the right solution for you to get rid of it immediately. By the way, it is not really difficult to do if you follow carefully our recommendations provided in this article below. Finally, we tell you in advance that GridinSoft Trojan Killer is not a free application, however, it is capable of removing Security Shield infection as clearly shown in the video guide provided below. Watch it carefully and follow our removal recommendations.

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