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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to remove Windows XP Restore virus. Uninstall guide

If your computer has been infected with Windows XP Restore virus then you definitely need to do something with it. It is not good to leave your computer in such a bad condition and let the Windows XP Restore virus infection completely damage it. You probably realize that Windows XP Restore virus is typically similar to Windows XP Recovery. It's merely the name that got changed, however, their character has not been modified. Thus, Windows XP Restore virus is as annoying, destructive and persistent as Windows XP Recovery was and still is.

Who knows why these guys who developed Windows XP Recovery decided to rename it to Windows XP Restore. And it does not really matter for us what the name of the virus is once our system got infected. What we all want to do is to remove Windows XP Restore quickly and effectively. GridinSoft Trojan Killer is the application capable of removing Windows XP Restore malware. Please watch the similar video guide on the example of Windows XP Recovery removal below:

Another important task for us is to restore our missing files, folders, list of programs in the Start menu and even our desktop which seems to be missing after Windows XP Restore virus attack. The video presentation below will show you how to do it with all the imporatant details. What you need to do is to watch it carefully. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you require our assistance.


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Red Nech said...

Hi Andrew - just a quick not to say "you are a GOD!!" Thought that my machine was a total wreck after getting infected with the virus and you certainly saved the day. Thanks mate, all very clear and easy to follow - I would've been stuck without the video to follow, for certain. A quiet beer in your name tonight, in Southern New Zealand! Thanks again. Ross

Phwhat said...

I have this exact problem but unfortunately my desktop is empty nor can I access the internet. I was able to save the trojan killer setup on a usb and I got it running on the infected computer. However, after it scanned for a few minutes, the blue screen of DEATH came up.

A few times while trying to mess with the computer, lots of the "Hard Drive Failure" pop ups would appear and slowed down the computer. I eventually closed one of them and it shut down the computer. When I was running the trojan killer, I just moved these pop ups to the side but I guess the program and the handful of popups freaked out the computer.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm tempted to buy a new computer. The infected one is a crap rigged computer from a friend. I just want my photos and files from it.


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