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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Remove Security Central virus. How to get rid of Security Central fake anti-virus application

It seems that people who develop fake anti-viruses can never be fed enough to satisfy their stingy appetites. So they develop new viruses day by day. Well, in this article we are going to emphasize your attention to the fact of appearance of the next malware requiring immediate removal. It bears the name of Security Central. This is nothing but the next shameless concoction elaborated to have the look of some kind of good anti-virus program. By the way, it originates from the same malware tribe as Security Center. This fake is installed inside of your workstation via fake scanner pages and Trojans that state to be some types of updates for Adobe Flash. When Security Central is successfully installed inside of your workstation it will be configured in such a way that it will be started automatically with every Windows launching. As soon as it is successfully launched and running it will initiate the fake scan of your computer and then indicate that there are plenty of malwares supposedly identified. If you try to remove any of such so-called viruses with the tool of Security Central it will state that it is unable to perform the removal assignment unless you pay for it. Since none of the virus files actually are available on your computer please ignore all of these phony scan reports and do not ever purchase the virus.

During the functioning Security Central virus it will also present all kinds of fake bogus security alerts and notifications that are given for you in order to make you think that your computer has a really severe security problem. Just as the fake scan reports, all of these warnings are untrue and should be entirely disregarded.

Summarizing the aforesaid, Security Central was planned for one reason, that is to scare you into thinking that your system is infected, and on this basis to persuade you to pay for the rogue which is entirely useless when real infections penetrate. It will not protect you at all and will not become your security shield against real malware attacks. For no reason should you ever purchase Security Central, and if you have already done so then you should immediately go to your good bank and dispute the charges indicating that the application you obtained is a malware tool. And, finally, to remove this infection and other possible threats please refer to the removal tutorial rendered herein. Please watch the similar video which will show to you how to remove Security Central scam (on the example of Internet Protection malware removal).

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