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Thursday, July 14, 2011

How do I remove Security Shield virus (new modification)? Video lesson

The virus of Security Shield of which we told you several months ago has been recently modified. By the way, it gets modified day by day. This is all done for the only reason - to make users really scared with the fake reports originated by Security Shield rogue. You see, when Security Shield scam gets inside of your computer it would immediately initiate the range of fake system scans with reports about varioius kinds of malwares detected by it. However, all such problems do not exist, they are all but fake. The only reason why Security Shield virus presents all of them is to make you pay for its full version (which also, by the way, does not exist). Security Shield would tell you, however, that it would fix your PC and clean it from viruses if you pay for it. Please do not give any cent for Security Shield viruis program. In order to remove Security Shield rogue free of charge please watch the video guide stipulated below. It will show you how to remove Security Shield at no cost at all, without the need to purchase any anti-virus program, even though it is recommended.

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