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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to successfully remove Windows Debugging Center virus?

Windows Debugging Center, similar to its predecessor called Windows Debugging Agent, is not able at all of “debugging” or repairing real bugs of your workstation. Do you realize this or are you thinking of buying it? Well, we hope you will have enough gumption not to follow its tricks and that you will make the decision to completely expell this annoying pest called Windows Debugging Center. By the way, the only goal of Windows Debugging Center is to make you give money for it. For this purpose Windows Debugging Center would do whatever it can until you are convinced to do that finally. Do not listen to Windows Debugging Center but rather continue reading this article to see the clear picture of what Windows Debugging Center is in reality, inside.

"Facts speak louder than words" - the well-known English idiom asserts. All the facts about Windows Debugging Center stipulated below prove that this is the scam and rogue application.

It is not a coincidence that Windows Debugging Center uses bogus Microsoft Security Essentials Alerts for its installation inside of your computer. This installation and infiltration is performed in the following way. Suddenly the window of such Fake Microsoft Security Essential Alert appears in front of your screen. It would primarily indicate that your PC is infected with some kind of unknown virus. They the user would be prompted to hit the buttons offered by the fake alert. The peculiarity is that this fictitious Microsoft Security Essential Alert does not really render any other options for the user. If he/she clicks “Cancel” button then the bogus alert would come up with the following startup, thus persuading the users to click the buttons instructed by it. This is how Windows Debugging Center is actually being installed inside of your computer. The bogus alert would claim that it has found the remedy to eliminate the unknown malware, implying Windows Debugging Center tool. This is when Windows Debugging Center is actually installed, being completely disclosed and having revealed its face after the system restart (similarly forced by the fake alert).

It would appear that Windows Debugging Center would come up in front of your screen with every Windows reboot. You would have to face its bogus and entirely fabricated scan each time you turn your machine on. By the way, you will not even be able to use your desktop or to do anything with it (until the bogus scan of Windows Debugging Center virus is finally over). It is quite logical that this fictitious scan would be then followed by the report of Windows Debugging Center about all kinds of problems, errors, bugs and other issues, as well as viruses and threats available at your computer. No doubt, Windows Debugging Center would indicate that it is the “most powerful” solution which can relieve your system from all such problems and viruses, if only you pay for its so-called full version. Keep in mind that such full version does not even exist in reality. You are just being deceived and scared into buying such an entirely useless and deceitful scam as Windows Debugging Center. To summarize the aforesaid, make sure and delete Windows Debugging Center virus from your computer at once. The removal process is described below in the video guides, which include both automatic and manual uninstallation.

Windows Debugging Center virus free (manual) removal guide (on the example of Windows Steady Work virus removal):

Windows Debugging Center virus automatic removal with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer purchased license (on the example of removal of similar viruses):

Windows Debugging Center virus removal for computers with Windows XP Operating System (please watch in full screen mode) Windows Debugging Center virus removal for computers with Windows Vista/Windows 7 Operating Systems (please watch in full screen mode)

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