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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Total Protect virus. How to remove Total Protect scam and malware program

When it comes to description of Total Protect application we can tell with the highest degree of confidence that this is the rogue application. Rogue means that the program claims to be something that it is not in reality. This is exactly typically for Total Protect. It is not meant to protect your computer. To say it otherwise but fairly – Total Protect brings total destruction and mess for your system. We hope that after reading this entire article you will make up your mind to entirely get rid of Total Protect scareware device from your system. Remember that our site is aimed to help users get rid of viruses and malwares like Total Protect, and we do not spread or promote any of the badwares described herein.

Total Protect is not different from the rest of rogues and fake security programs. Similarly to many others, it is brought to your computer by means of Trojans and certain gaps in your computer, allowing the infiltration to take place. When Total Protect is successfully installed it would modify your registry settings in such a manner that Total Protect would be launched automatically with every Windows startup. Afterwards you would face regular system scans of your computer initiated by Total Protect. Once they are over you would be surprised with the reports of Total Protect about viruses, malwares, spywares and other threats and viruses detected. Indeed, this something out of the blue. You thought you had the most powerful anti-virus software installed and running, and here comes Total Protect and tells you that your PC is full of junkware and threatening programs. The fact is that all such data reported by Total Protect is totally untrue. This is the lie told in order to scare you into believing that Total Protect is a decent program and that it will help you remove those supposedly detected viruses. But do you know that most probably there are no any viruses on your system except for Total Protect itself? Total Protect would then tell you to purchase it to remove all allegedly identified threats. So far this is the only goal of it – to make you purchase Total Protect, totally useless program when it comes to virus and malware removal. Do not follow all the aforesaid tricks and remove Total Protect rogue program as soon as you can. We believe GridinSoft Trojan Killer is a powerful anti-virus tool which can handle the job of removing Total Protect malady from one’s computer. Make sure to contact their customer support team if you have any further questions./p>

Total Protect automatic removal:

For automatic removal of Total Protect download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run it.

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