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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Security Defense virus description and removal

We have been able to find out just recently about another virus called Security Defense which is known to attack computers nowadays. It should be noted that it is outwardly just the same as Security Protection, which has been very severe over the latest period of time. Well, this time it seems that the rogue developers have decided to give a new name to their malware creature, so they picked up Security Defense word combination to nominate in such a manner their new rogue and fake security program. Beyond any piece of doubt, you should ignore this program once you see it in the sense that you should not trust it. Of course, you must also take all the necessary measures in order to get rid of it, of its malicious files and registry entries. But how exactly to do it when any anti-viruses you try to run are blocked by Security Defense infection? The section below is meant to teach you how exactly to do it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

We have been able to find one of the questions of one user whose system got contaminated with this trojan virus. Here is the question we found on Yahoo Answers:

Okay, it's been a month that I've been putting up with this fake security program that's obviously a virus. I was trying to get a Facebook banner and my computer got a new security program out of nowhere. Called "Security Defense". And it gives an outrageous number of viruses scanned and won't let me open any applications. So I ask my dad who's good with computers to delete it, he used safe mode with command prompt. And I thought it was gone. But then it comes back the following morning. Why does it come back?

Without any type of hesitation, this is exactly what is peculiar to Security Defense virus (and also to Security Protection similar threat). It would not let you run the desired applications, especially anti-viruses. It would not let you have Internet connection in order to escape from Security Defense rogue. It would also modify your system to such an extend that you would have to see it each time you turn your computer on. Then it would initiate plenty of fake system scans which at their end would tell you that your computer is overwhelmed with viruses, malwares and other cyber threats. It is illogical to think that what Security Defense tells you is true. The point is that most probably this rogue is the only threat available on your computer. The saddest fact, however, is that this malware program would tell you to purchase its full version to have all those fake infection eliminated. What a terrible experience indeed is to find out that you have effected that payment for the program which does not help, for the applications which is the virus indeed and not what it claims of itself.

If you have already mistakenly effected the payment for Security Defense malware you need to immediately take all the necessary steps for its timely and quick elimination from your computer. This guide is meant to instruct you how exactly you can do it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer. We have previously developed the good video tutorial on removal of Security Protection virus. At the same time, the removal of Security Defense fake anti-virus is just the same. Please therefore attentively watch the video guide provided below. Of course, if you have any sorts of questions please make sure to ask us through all the available support channels.

Security Defense automatic removal:

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