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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Files indexation process failed fake message

Files indexation process failed is the fictitious message encountered by users whose computers are in the process of being infected with fake HDD programs and viruses like System Restore, System Recovery, Data Recovery, Data Repair, Data Restore and many other malwares of which we previously told you in several of our posts. As soon as the malicious roots of the trojan spreading the rogue interfere into the attacked and vulnerable system and once all the files and registry entries of these viruses are successfully installed the user, along with other fake warnings, notifications and messages previously discussed, would encounter the fake system message with the following content.

Files indexation process failed.
Indexation process failure may cause:
  • File may become unreadable
  • Files and documents can be lost
  • Operation System may slow down dramatically
To prevent possible damage to this PC follow the recommendations. Recommendations: It’s highly recommended to run file integrity checker now and resolve this issue.

The button, of course, recommends to “resolve this issue”. However, after clicking it, the very GUI of System Restore virus appears in front of user's PC screen. Therefore, the message titled as "Files indexation process failed" is a totally bogus, fictitious and has nothing to do with the real status of your system. To remove the virus causing it (System Restore in this case is the most widely spread malware of today) please follow the removal video guide provided below. The tutorial will also help you fix your file and folder system and to restore your missing items, icons and data after the attack of this scareware.

malware removal tool

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