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Friday, October 7, 2011

Guard Online virus description and removal

Guard Online is the virus and malware application, the direct successor of AV Guard Online and many other similar fake anti-spyware tools. It does not really care for protection of your computer against real viruses and threats, in spite of its name. What it cares for is how to fool, scare and trick users in order to find potential victims among them. Its aim is to make them persuaded with the fake scan reports originated by the rogue after its fake system scan. Then it offers users to purchase its so-called full version (license) which, allegedly, would fix all supposedly detected errors and remove all allegedly identified viruses.

Do you really believe into the information presented by this program? We hope not. By the way, have a look into the Control Panel of your Operating System. Go to “Add/Remove programs” section. Do you see Guard Online program there? Of course, not. This is quite logical and understandable that Guard Online does not let you uninstall it, because it did not ask for your permission to be installed initially, did it? It does not really care whether you want to see it inside of your machine or not. So it entirely ignores your personal opinion about this matter. At the same time, if you know what it does for your machine – you would never agree to install it if such offer would come in front of you from Guard Online. It prevents you from running decent programs, not only anti-virus ones. It blocks your Internet browser from downloading good anti-virus applications and most of exe-files. Primarily it only lets you go to its online payment processing page (which is built-in into the GUI of this rogue). Moreover, permanent popups, messages, ads and other fake notifications originated by Guard Online – this is all annoying and slows down your computer considerably. It tunes up your PC in such a manner that it will appear with every Windows startup, and immediately you switch your PC on you would face the fake system scan window of this virus. You will not be able to close it until it completes its ridiculous system scan, the imitation of a real one. Finally, Guard Online would do all it can to persuade you to pay for it after it presents you plenty of reports about supposedly detected errors and problems and says it is some kind of superb and only remedy for their elimination.

Do not trust Guard Online. You’d rather immediately get rid of this horrible scam. By the way, if you are searching for the activation code or serial number of Guard Online this will not help you to get rid of all those viruses reported by it, because, once again, they are all unreal and simply do not exist in reality. Guard Online is probably the only virus infection available on your computer. You need to get rid of this infection by all means. The section below offers automatic removal guidelines how to do it (on the example of similar infection). Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you need our help via ticket support system of GridinSoft Trojan Killer (see the contact button in the site right sidebar).

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