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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Virus System Restore (SystemRestore) uninstall guide

System Restore hoax is one of numerous double-bottomed malware programs. On its surface there is what this application looks like and what it is supposed to be according to its name. And here everything looks just perfect – interface of System Restore reminds a lot one of any other reliable application that optimizes your system and helps you to solve any problems that may occur. However this is only the surface, the interface is just a nice coverage that should distract your attention from the very core of the subject – your computer is infected by dangerous malware.

To assure yourself that System Restore is not as innocent and helpful as it looks you should only analyze its behavior. The software will become suspicious right after you will understand that you never installed it actually. And this is the truth: oddly enough but you don’t need to download and install this application unlike other reliable ones. System Restore invades targeted computer with help of trojan horse that installs malware without asking any permission. The malware invaded your system creepingly but after it’s finally inside you have no chance but to notice it. Suddenly instead of using your computer the way you like you will have to waste all you time on closing endless and annoying alerts that report you about bugs and problems of your system you never noticed before. The truth is that there’s only one problem your PC suffers – System Restore. You get all this alerts very often in a fixed time intervals not because your there’re any bugs in your system, their main aim is to drive you frenzy because of inability to use your own PC and just make you to buy license for the program. Of course this is a way to solve the problem but not the only one: disregard the fake messages of this rogue and simply remove this malware once and forever.

At the same time, deleting System Restore scam from your workstation is not the only thing which must be done. As you probably are aware of, System Restore amends your file system entirely. It perverts your files, folders, icons, whole desktop and programs in the start menu into hidden mode. Certain users think that System Restore completely deletes them all, but this is not so. They are simply hidden. This is done by adding hidden attribute to them. In order to get your file and folder system back to previous state please thoroughly watch the video guide stipulated above. It will guide you how to restore your computer, files and folders back to the previous condition. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to GridinSoft Trojan Killer Customer Support Team via the contact button in the right sidebar of this site. Good luck to you, dear user, and may your workstation be entirely free from viruses, including System Restore scam.

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