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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Windows – Delayed Write Failed fictitious warning

Windows – Delayed Write Failed message could be the true one telling about the problems and errors in your file system. If it is a real message then it is originated by your operating system installed onto your machine. In this case it means that some repair works must be done either with your hardware or software (there is a high probability that you should run decent system defragmenter to repair your file system). However, there is another sort of such message, which is a totally fake and untrue. If you see the notice like Windows – Delayed Write Failed and then System Restore fake system defragmenter comes up in front of you then surely such message has nothing to do with the reality. It is the message which is just the piece of lies and nothing else. Such a warning is typical to rogue and fake HDDs like System Restore, Data Restore, Data Repair, Data Recovery and many other malwares of this type. So, if you ever happen to see such a warning just before one of such malware applications start its activity in front of your computer then you need to disregard it completely and use decent anti-virus software to have the virus and all its malicious files and registry entries removed. Please carefully watch the video tutorial below aimed to teach you how to fix this problem and to get rid of the virus causing it.

malware removal tool

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