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Monday, November 14, 2011

AV 2012 virus. How to remove AV 2012 malware

AV 2012 virus is the latest malware program, also known as AV Security 2012. However, being infected with AV 2012 is not the end of the world for your PC, in spite of such a match with “2012” figure. There are powerful anti-virus applications able to delete this rogue security tool from your system. No doubt, you are dealing with the real hoax program not able to help your PC function better. Neither is it able to aid you in deleting real security threats. Why? Because AV2012 is the virus in its deepest and inner realms. Let's make some research. Let us go to Control Panel of our computer and go to the section where we can add or remove programs. Do we find AV 2012 there? Not at all. All decent programs upon authorized installation are automatically included into Add/Remove programs section. This is not the case about AV 2012. It penetrates to your computer without your consent or approval. Even this one fact already tells us that there is something wrong with this fake security tool. Oh yes, something really wrong.

AV 2012 has one job to accomplish on your PC - to make you scared with its fake reports about viruses, threats and other infections detected during its senseless scan, and on this basis to convince you to pay for its full version. Money is the only goal of those people who developed this rogue. If you pay for AV 2012 you are supporting the crooks and cyber criminals. We hope you will be smart and remove it entirely from your computer. Please find our guide on how to do it.

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