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Friday, November 4, 2011

Privacy Protection virus description and removal

Privacy Protection is the successor of Security Protection and Malware Protection viruses which were especially active in the summer of 2011. Now, speaking of Privacy Protection infection, we can unambiguously and confidently assert that this is a malware, rogue and fake anti-virus tool that bears the mask of some decent program, without possessing with any decent grounds for such claims. We have been able to identify that it is just the next representative of viruses that right now is very severe in attacking so many PCs. We really regret if your computer is infected with this scareware, however, there is a solution how to remove it. Please find excellent removal videos (both automatic and manual ones) provided in the section below.

Privacy Protection tries to fool you by showing fake scan of your system and presenting all sorts of popups and ads telling that something is wrong with your PC due to availability of plenty of viruses on it. In addition, it causes plenty of redirect problems. Well, no doubt, you will be annoyed with seeing the sites you do not want. Please be aware of the fact that that this malware is normally brought automatically inside of your system, in other words, without your consent or approval for its download. It will then become the cause of many errors & problems to such an extent that you will not be able to use your computer as you regularly do. Typical features of this malware include constant presentations of fake scanning results and regular preventions from application of Internet or Task Manager from normal running. Needless to say, you should not trust these fake scan reports presented by Privacy Protection hoax. The only aim of this virus is to steal your money. Well, by now we hope that you are wise enough not to be tricked so badly. Therefore do not trust its faulty promises. Seek assistance from a reputable anti-virus solution. Let us repeat what we’ve stated already, the only goal of Privacy Protection is to convince you that it is the only remedy for removal of viruses from your computer. Then the offer would come for you to buy this fake anti-virus tool. Do not believe into its faulty promises. Disregard anything it tells you. Remove it from your PC immediately, upon its very first detection. We wish you and your PC to be free from all sorts of viruses for the rest of this year and for 2012, the year to come.

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Privacy Protection automatic removal video:

Privacy Protection manual removal video:


dto said...

Hi, I have tried the automatic solution, but every time the scanner runs it closes. I have also tried the manual way, but I cannot rename the privacy.exe file. Do you have any suggestions? thank you

chris said...

i have same privacy crap thing on my computer.
(sort programs by date the offending programs tend to be at the bottom of the list)
(working on getting rid of it now) check in documents settings/all users/ delete privacy program, delete security 2012 stuff from windows/system32 directory. (if you can bring up a start run. type msconfig after you restart computer. look for the offending programs in startup tab. (a diagnostic startup with barebones minimum is recommended. also check your system restore point. in administrative tools its been tampered with by the program. go to microsoft essentials later if you can still get online. good luck. i'm still working on removing it now.

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