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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Computer locked by virus. How to fix

The contemporary cyber world is being massively attacked by viruses. Over the latest period of time these PC infections were primarily represented by rogue security software, however, few months ago this tendency got changed. Fake antivirus programs are being replaced by ransomware applications known as system lockers. So, various users nowadays are experiencing many problems or their PCs being locked by various virus applications asking for a ransom to be paid on your part in order to unlock it. The peculiarity of all these ransomware hijackers is that they accuse you of many things, in fact, of watching, promoting and distributing a lot of illegal materials and other abusive information, sending spam and even supporting terrorist activities. What a surprise indeed it is to get such a scary message. Surely you’ve never been involved in any of such activities, have you? Whatever the case might be, your PC is locked and this is the crucial problem for you to resolve today.

Right now many PCs all over the world are locked by viruses. Great Britain is attacked by the virus known as Metropolitan Police. French-speaking users suffer from ransomware known as Attention! Votre ordinateur un été bloqué versent la violation de la loi Française. Spanish-speaking users suffer from La Policia Espanola system locker whereas Germany is being attacked by BUNDESPOLIZEI Achtung! Ein Vorgang illegaler Aktivitaten wurde erkannt virus. This list could be much longer, we’ve just given the most typical and widely spread examples of ransomware problem of the IT world today. The virus attacks the PCs all the day long, it does not choose between women or men, aged or young, rich or poor. When the PC is actually locked the virus objective is partially accomplished and the cyber crooks wait for the user to effect the payment by paying for Ukash voucher and indicating its code in the respective field in order to allegedly unlock the system.

The mission of this blog is to assist users in fixing various sorts of PC problems, including the issue of PC being locked. For this purpose we have recently elaborated the removal solution which is meant to help you get rid of the system locker and restore the PC to normal mode. Please kindly follow the virus removal solutions provided in the section below. They include both automatic and manual removal examples, however, automatic one is the most preferred, since it does not require too much profound knowledge of your PC features. Still, this automatic solution is effective and can really help you to restore your computer back to the previous working mode. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will be more than glad to assist you.

Automatic removal video:

Automatic removal milestones:

  1. Go to your friend, relative or anybody else who has computer with Internet connection.
  2. Take your USB flash drive / Memory Stick with you.
  3. Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer installation file from this site and save it to your USB flash drive / Memory Stick.
  4. malware removal tool

  5. Get back to your infected PC and insert the USB Drive / Memory Stick into the respective USB slot.
  6. Perform hard reset (press reset button on your computer) if your infected PC has been on with the virus background instead of your normal one. If not, then simply turn your PC on.
  7. Before the very boot process begins keep repeatedly hitting “F8” button on your keyboard.
  8. In the window that appeared select “Safe mode with command prompt” option and press Enter.
  9. Choose your operating system and user account which was infected with Metropolitan Police virus.
  10. In the cmd.exe window type “explorer” and press “Enter” button on your keyboard.
  11. Select “My Computer” and choose your USB flash drive / Memory Stick.
  12. Run the installation file of GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Install the program and run scan with it. (update of the program will not work for “Safe mode with command prompt” option)
  13. When the hijackers are successfully disabled (fixed) by GridinSoft Trojan Killer you may close GridinSoft Trojan Killer application.
  14. In the cmd.exe window type “shutdown /r /t 0” and press “Enter” button on your keyboard.
  15. Upon system reboot your PC will be unlocked and you will be able to use it just as before the infection took pace.
  16. However, it is recommended that you now update GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run the scan with it again to remove the source of the infections causing computer locking virus to infect your PC.

Manual removal tutorial:

For manual removal of PC lockers please follow the instructions on manual removal of Metropolitan Police virus here

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