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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Home Security Solutions virus problem

Home Security Solutions is the new creature of malware developers. The program is designed to specifically scare users by presenting a lot of fake information regarding various types of viruses supposedly detected by it. This program has a new, quite an unusual interface (GUI) which is elaborated for the purpose of making users think that they are dealing with some legitimate tool. Whereas this is simply the outward impression we may retrieve at the first glance at this tool. At the same time, having analyzed this malware more thoroughly, we may draw one right conclusion about Home Security Solutions. This application is the next representative of the series of fake anti-virus programs belonging to the category of rogue security software. Indeed, there is nothing serious in it with regard to elimination of real threats or fixing actual errors, bugs and leaks in your PC’s security system.

Typical to many other rogue security devices, Home Security Solutions penetrates to one’s infected workstation without permission, consent or approval. Hence, the user would not even notice the very process or moment when Home Security Solutions hoax has been successfully installed. But surely, once the installation procedure is duly accomplished, the malady would let you know of its presence. By the way, it makes the amendments into your system in order to be launched automatically with every PC startup, so each time you switch your computer on you would actually face the window of Home Security Solutions program. But this is not that tragic as the further, more aggressive behavior of it. The application would initiate the fabricated scan of your system in order to imitate the process of healing/fixing it. The true reason why this parody is implemented is because of the intention of Home Security Solutions scam to trick users into believing that their PCs are seriously damaged because of viruses claimed to exist and to be detected by this fake AV tool. This is the moment when Home Security Solutions actually discloses its evil plot – here comes the offer of this program for you to purchase its full (commercial or registered) version in order to supposedly remove all the infections detected by it. However, you should not trust any statements presented by this malware program. Its only aim is to collect more and more money from deceived users, no other aims are pursued. The application is totally powerless, helpless and useless to help you get rid of serious, true and real malwares, viruses and PC infections.

Considering the above-mentioned information, please therefore ignore all the fake security notifications, ads, popups, warnings and notifications presented by Home Security Solutions hoax. Do not put your trust into this scareware. Do not effect any payment in favor of the crooks who elaborated it. Finally, in order to delete this PC enemy please download, install, update and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer – the powerful weapon against virus aggression. If you have any problems deleting the scam or other viruses from your computer please contact us via all available support channels.

Home Security Solutions removal tool:

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deepakw3c said...

Nice list, I also hope that it will become future in 2012. Also hope that Google will promote Google+ in Holland with TV Commercials, to get the people from Facebook... Hard one.
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nathanfinch said...

Really good and the you placed the download link of a software. Its really good.

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