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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vista Security 2012 hoax. How to remove

Vista Security 2012 is not the program for you to consider as your anti-malware defense. The application you have encountered refers to the category of malwares damaging your system. It is not meant to assist you in malware removal. The software belongs to the Braviax virus group nowadays targeting thousands of PCs worldwide. The virus has no prejudice with regard to the race, nationality, gender of financial status of PC users, so many people all over the world have greatly suffered from it. The virus imitates some type of legit anti-malware tool supposedly able to detect and remove security threats. The fact is that these statements are not grounded on the truth. There are many programs which claim a lot of themselves, however, in reality their assertions do not coincide with the truth. Hence, this trait is peculiar to Vista Security 2012 virus too. When it comes into your system it does it without your permission, by the way. Penetrating via Trojan horses, leaks in PC security and other available virus vulnerabilities, the malware makes amendments into your system registry in order to be launched automatically each time you turn your computer on. This implies that once Windows is booted Vista Security 2012 would be the very first thing you would encounter.

Vista Security 2012 becomes the author of imitated system scanning. It mimics the checkup of your PC for presence of viruses and threats. Once the scan has been finished the hoax tells your system is compromised with lots of malwares, viruses, spyware and other virus vulnerabilities. You would be permanently attacked with the bunch of fake security popups, ads, notifications and other quite annoying messages originated by Vista Security 2012 scam. They all have the only aim – to make you effect the payment for the full version of this program, after it promises you to remove all those fake threats detected by it. Here is where the user makes the most serious mistake, being actually forced into purchasing the license code of this totally useless and fake anti-virus application. It is useless because it is not able to really identify real threats. Moreover, it is not powerful to remove them. It is quite illogical for one malware to remove other malwares, and this is the exact story when it comes to describing Vista Security 2012.

The matter of successful removal of Vista Security 2012 hoax is the core subject of today’s post. Please find the excellent removal instructions to help you delete this virus below. Please carefully watch the video instructions prepared by GridinSoft Trojan Killer Anti-Malware Team. If you have any problems please contact the customer support team immediately via available support channel. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on all other security issues too.

Malware automatic removal tool:

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