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Monday, April 2, 2012

Smart HDD virus. How to get rid of SmartHDD scam

Smart HDD is the name of the next rogue tool targeting many computers all over the present IT world. Its similar and quite well-known forerunner was named System Check. Having first begun to appear in the fall of 2010, all these fake HDD malware pests have attacked millions of computers worldwide if not billions. As time goes by, the rogue developers invent new names for their malware products, thus introducing the new representative of this huge rogue clan masked under the appearance of some superb system optimizer. This time they have selected the name for their scam product having to do with registry and alleged fixing of it. So they named it Smart HDD, also referred to as SmartHDD in some cases. However, this hoax application is far away from being decent PC speed booster. On the contrary, it is meant to slow it down considerably, to hide your important files, folders, icons, shortcuts and even all the programs in the start menu, so that you would not be able to launch any decent anti-virus program to have this malware removed from your PC. Neither will this hoax let you see the icon or shortcut of any browser – again, to prevent you from actually downloading the remedy to get rid of such scam. So, this is just the brief outline or the introduction to the long story of what this malware actually performs once it has reached your PC and made its dwelling inside of your system. The next paragraph will tell you more facts about this pest and its successful elimination.

Just as its forerunners, Smart HDD does not ask for your consent or approval to enter into your machine. This is not something to be surprised with, because this is the real virus which cares not for your choices and preferences. So, it comes to your workstation via its secret doors and holes in the security of your machine. We have recently told you about some ways all these rogues are known to get into your PC. Social network platform is one of such distribution channels. You’ve got to be very careful when you download any files or click any links obtained while staying logged in to your social network account. There are many users of such social networks who actually abuse them and use them for implementing their evil plots. So they create ways on how to spread their malware links and invent some tricks on how to actually prompt users into clicking such links or downloading such infected files. Then, when they have convinced users to click their links or download the files they’ve actually reached their goal and Smart HDD virus is actually successfully installed eventually. Another way for spreading malwares like Smart HDD is via USPS (US Postal Service) fake emails containing malware installers (their executables) or zipped archives, which, upon extraction, are launched automatically, thus installing the malware program we’re talking about. So, be careful with them all. Do not open such alleged messages supposedly sent from United States Postal Service. Make sure and check the matter with your local post office before opening any of such suspicious attachments. Smart HDD fake HDD program would, upon successful infiltration, try to scare you with its well-known fake security messages quoted below.

Be not actually concerned with their horrifying contents, even in spite of the fact that you would have to face it at least 21 times or so. Ignore all fake system scans originated by Smart HDD hoax. To sum up the aforesaid, ignore all fictitious and untrue facts told you by Smart HDD virus. Needless to mention, do not purchase it. Do not pay any cent for this badware tool. Do not disclose any of your personal information to the guys who actually developed this malware and now try to scare you and prompt you into wasting your money in their favor. If you have already become the victim of Smart HDD malware then immediately refer to your good bank or payment processing company and dispute the charges, stating that you’ve actually purchased the rogue program instead of a decent one. Finally, remove this virus using the powerful anti-malware scanner and rogue killer. One of such programs is recommended at this site, and we have submitted the good video lesson to help you understand the removal milestones to delete this hoax from your machine. Not only removal is necessary, however. Another thing is to help you restore your important data that has been hidden by this scam. The removal below guide also clearly explains all such steps to restore your PC back to normal. So, please take your time and carefully follow our malware instructions which are simple and clear as they can be. GridinSoft Trojan Killer is a powerful weapon against this rogue!

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