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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

System Protection Tools – scam. How to remove it

System Protection Tools is yet another rogue antispyware program that should be wiped off from your system without any sort of hesitation. When the scam literally enters your system it starts displaying many fake alerts about various system threats, viruses, malwares and other infections. No doubt, such behavior of a program that claims to be AV solution is quite scary. But when you realize that it is a rogue antivirus you will not worry that much, having understood that you’re actually dealing with the sample of truly malicious software. This is why please be extremely careful lest you trust into what the hoax tells you. It is not what it claims of itself, even in spite of its quite attractive outward appearance.

System Protection Tools reports many infections, but they’re all fake in fact. The hoax runs various system scans and then tells of a real danger for your machine. Nevertheless, it’s not a right time to panic; a thorough analysis of this malware will shed the light on the true fact of this badware. The only goal of the scareware is to make you pay money for it, still, it is not able at all to fix your PC, no matter which version you’re using. The quicker you get rid of this junkware the better.

If you already mistakenly paid for the fake registered version of System Protection Tools you need to dispute the charges via your good bank immediately. Finally, you may remove it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer, the powerful anti-virus solution from GridinSoft. Consider this similar removal guide at the official web-site of Trojan Killer -

System Protection Tools automatic remover:

For automatic removal of System Protection Tools download GridinSoft Trojan Killer and run it.

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