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Wednesday, September 26, 2012 – fraudulent email used by hackers is a real email address, but it isn’t associated with Federal Bureau of Investigation. This email address is actively used by hackers who elaborated and now spread the well-known so-called FBI ransomware program. This is the malware that locks the entire desktop of the infected PC and doesn’t let users do anything with their workstation. In particular, the FBI virus primarily attacks the United States of America and Canada. However, other countries have also been attacked by it. Regretfully, many users have been deceived by the fraudsters, being convinced to follow their evil instructions. Below is how the virus looks like and acts.
As you see, the warning indeed looks like some police warning. But, of course, this is a deceit to think like that. The malware tells that you were traced using your computer in various illegal manners. For example, you’re accused of viewing a lot of illegal information over the Internet, spreading spam to other machines, keeping and spreading illegal multimedia samples (movies and audio files), as well as using illegal software. Of course, this is a fake warning and it is not associated with the US Department of Justice. This is the product that was specifically designed by hackers in order to steal funds from unwary users. The malware developers tell that you need to pay some amount of money that varies from USD 100 to USD 200 as a supposed fine (penalty) for the crimes you’ve not actually committed. And hackers want you to do it by means of indication of a special code of GreenDot MoneyPak payment system in the respective box in the locked background they’ve developed. As the alternative, the frauds offer users to send this code to the fraudulent email address . But you must understand and remember very well that by doing so you’re simply wasting your money. So, please never commit such a serious mistake on your part. We hope that this information was clear enough and that you will be smart not to fall into this trap. Instead, use the specially designated removal guide below that will help you eliminate this scareware from your system as soon as possible, and effectively, by the way.

Removal guide:

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