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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

File Restore virus removal instructions

The guide below explains the key components and essential steps one must undertake in order to effectively get rid of File Restore virus. This program is not what it claims of itself. Instead, this is yet another example of fake hard drive defragmenter (fake system optimization tool) that is extremely dangerous, annoying and malicious. The presence of File Restore virus on your system slows it down considerable. Plus, it causes a lot of problem due to the fact that this virus hides a lot of important data that is available on your hard drive. For example, this scam sets up the hidden attribute to your files, folders, desktop icons, shortcuts and even the list of programs in the Start menu. In addition, it relocates them to the special smtmp folder that was specifically created by the malware in order to store the hidden files there. Be careful with this rogue (fake HDD) utility. Instead of trusting it please hurry up to get rid of this malware sample from your system immediately, without hesitation.
File Restore virus doesn't ask for permission to enter your machine. It also makes the necessary unauthorized preparations in order to be started automatically together with Windows operating system (whatever version of if you have). So, once you turn the PC on you will immediately face the GUI of File Restore scareware running on your PC, without any files or documents on your desktop. As we've already mentioned, this is the result of the malicious activity of this fake HDD tool on your computer. At the same time, the malware will try to persuade you in its so-called decent and good intentions. It will run the series of fake system scans and will then report many fake errors (hard drive, memory and other system errors). All of them are invented by File Restore virus and aren't peculiar to your machine. The culmination moment for this hoax is when it offers itself to you as a solution to fix those fake bugs. However, it will not let you do it until you first buy its fake license (File Restore activation code). Please be careful and do not follow these fraudulent instructions of this malware. Instead, please follow the guide below that will explain to you how this virus can be effectively removed from your computer with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Detailed removal guide:

Free tools you need to run to restore your missing files:

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  2. GridinSoft Restore -
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