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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Remove browser hijacker

Is your browser permanently redirecting all your search queries through This means that you have your browser hijacked. This may occur with any search tool you have, such as Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Many users find this implantation of annoying, and they surely have grounds for such feelings about this site.

If your browser got hacked by this means that whatever you search for will be redirected via this site. In fact, it is set up as a default search page. By the way, we recently saw a question on Yahoo.Answers online, which was initially asked in French. This particular user complained about seeing page installed as the default page of Yahoo search engine. Obviously, Yahoo itself has nothing to do with this amendment.

The integration of into your browser and the search engine occurs without your participation. Since this is a serious form of browser hijacker it means that this type of browser redirect occurs by means of certain type of malware, i.e. the Trojan horse that modifies your system and network parameters.

When you search for some information through the browser hijacked by this means you will see a lot of annoying ads that promote certain goods or products. This is actually the initial purpose of the developers of this search engine hijacker. Yet, this is quite an unfair practice – to implant this hijacker without user’s permission onto the attacked computer. The developers of browser hijackers often promise to really enhance your search results, whereas in reality users see a lot of unwanted stuff, instead of the information they really expect to obtain.

If you suffer from redirection you need to immediately scan your system with reliable security application. Yet, this might not be enough, since there are certain manual steps that are recommended for you to undertake. Please find them described below.

Removal guide:

Recommended software for malware removal:

malware removal tool

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