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Thursday, June 27, 2013

What is tdefender.exe (Internet Security Pro)?

Beware of tdefender.exe malware (also known as Internet Security Pro virus). This is a rogue security software. Instead of buying it please remove it without hesitation. Trojans, spyware, malicious links, corrupted downloads bundled with viruses and even social networks like Facebook can be the source of malware attacks that cause this rogue software to implant itself into your computer. From the screenshot of this fake anti-virus it becomes obvious that it tries to imitate legitimate security program. Nevertheless, please differentiate between the true antivirus and this hoax that has the similar interface. If you see tdefender.exe program ignore all that it tells you and prepare for the battle to destroy this malware without hesitation.

Once tdefender.exe enters the computer it modifies system settings to make itself launch automatically together with Windows. Each time you turn your machine on the window of the rogue comes up and it starts its fake system scan. It does not take too long for such scan to be ended, about 1 minute or even less. It is ridiculous when the developers of this malware want users to consider it as certain great security tool. There is no any reliable anti-virus program that can run and complete full scan within just 1 minute. Obviously, there is something really unusual and wrong with this tdefender.exe program. It is a fake anti-spyware tool, so please avoid it. This means that you must not consider anything it tells you as serious. Below please find the examples of popups with outrageous lie that you might see to be reported by this scareware tool.

The information that users receive from tdefender.exe virus does not correspond with the truth. Do not panic and do not purchase the rogue, because this is what the program would instruct you to do. Get rid of this scareware using reliable anti-virus called GridinSoft Trojan Killer. As we said, avoid the purchase page of Internet Security Pro scam and do not make the mistake some people made when they bought this malware.

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