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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to remove Antivirus Security Pro scam?

Antivirus Security Pro is a fake antivirus, in fact. It comes to computers without user's permission. It is the direct successor of another rogue antispyware called Attentive Antivirus. In this guide you will find out more facts about this malware sample and how to get rid of it effectively from your system.

Once inside of the attacked system, Antivirus Security Pro malware reports all kinds of fake system threats. This is done in order to make users think that their computers are in danger. Fake scans of this bogus antivirus are initiated with every system startup, and the GUI of this program comes up as soon as you turn your computer on. Don't make the serious mistake some have made. Don't ever buy this virus program which bears the name of Antivirus Security Pro. Instead, we recommend you to follow the removal guide to completely delete this hoax from your system.

Removal guide:

Removal video:

Recommended software for Antivirus Security Pro removal:

Antivirus Security Pro removal tool

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