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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review of malicious programs of October: new ways for distribution of Zeus and crafty trojan on adult sites

According to the latest monitoring data, in October the absolute leader with regard to infections caused as a result of browsing the Web is the script from the family FakeUpdate — Trojan.JS.FakeUpdate.bp. Normally it is located at certain adult sites. It offers to download video of certain adult contents, however, in order to view it the user needs to install new player. The trick is that the installation archive for it also contains certain trojan that modifies hosts file. This virus redirects users from popular sites to the page with the requirement to send sms onto premium number for continuation of work in the Internet.

In addition, October was noted for growth of popularity of fake archives: for obtaining of their contents users are offered to send sms to some premium number. In the majority of cases after sending sms the instruction appears on the screen about using of torrent-tracker and/or link to it. There are many possible variants of development of this situation, but the result is always the same - users loses money without receiving the requested file. Such a fraud first appeared several months ago and is still active nowadays.

In spite of recent arrests of part of the criminal group that has to do with botnet Zeus, new programs supporting its distribution have been released recently. This trojan became one of the most developed and sold spyware applications on the Internet black market.

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