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Monday, November 22, 2010

Check Disk fake system optimizer. Beware!!!

Check Disk is by all means the program that you do not want. Being a direct successor of such well-spread viruses as Scan Disk and Ultra Defragger, it will do all it can to launder money from you. This is why you need to have due caution not to permit this rogue to overwhelm your system. Otherwise you will really regret for your failure to act accordingly. The below-stipulated guidelines are beneficial for removal of this virus.

Before delwing into guidelines let us consider what this stelthware does once running on the PC:

  1. Pretending to run as a reputable scanner, showing supposed revealed infections and threats.
  2. Showing various problems, like hard drive missing, corrupted files and too high consumption of RAM memory, etc.
  3. Upon detection of false viruses the rogue will offer to purchase the full paid version of it.
  4. Possible redirect issues.

Delete Check Disk files:

Delete Check Disk registry entries:

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