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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ultra Defragger - very malicious and fake system performance optimizer

One of the most annoying malware that is active in the Web nowadays is Ultra Defragger. Its activity is malicious, its results are destroying and its behaviour is sometimes very unpredictable. This fake system improver would hijack your PC, including important system files and browser, and will subsequently do a lot of damage. You will not be able to launch certain exe-files, you may even experience certain redirect problems. This rogue will perform fake system scan and will later on report thousands of infections.

The final trick of this badware is that it will do all it can to persuade you to purchase its full version for removal of these fake infections. Well, this is just what it is all about - to get money from you, without paying real attention to actual virus removal. Therefore please be careful and avoid installing this stealthware to your workstation. Otherwise you will definitely regret for your choice.

Delete Ultra Defragger files:

Delete Ultra Defragger registry entries:

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