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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Win Defrag - new fake system optimizer. Instructions on removal of Win Defrag

Win Defrag is a new malicious application that penetrates to many PCs nowadays. Beyond any doubt, this is application that you definitely DO NOT WANT to have on your system. It will show various fake scan reports for the purpose of convincing you that your computer is under serious risk of virus attack. And it will do all it can to make you follow its next trick - to pay for its license, even though in reality is cannot provide you any decent system optimization.

In addition to lack of ability of Win Defrag to serve for the benefit of your PC, this fraudulent application can actually perform lots of damage. It will slow down the PC performance, you may lose important information on you hard drive, the system may even crash or there is a high probability that you will have difficulties with Internet connectivity, up to the extent of its complete absense. Therefore, you definitely need to do all you can to remove this virus from your computer. Manual removal is not always safe, because only experienced and profound PC users are knodledgeable enough in such matters. Optionally you may try automatic removal of this junkware using a reputable anti-virus (anti-malware) program.

Delete Win Defrag files:

Delete Win Defrag registry entries:

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