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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Win Defragmenter - the successor of Win Defrag. Keep out of this stealthware!

Imitating the malicious activity of Win Defrag, a new rogue has recently appeared. How it bears the name of Win Defragmenter, and in some cases it is also known as WinDefragmenter. This is the program that you definitely should stay away from. Otherwise your PC may be seriously damaged, and your privacy and important personal data may be considerably compromized.

Win Defratmenter will try to convince you that it is a decent system optimizer. However, this is a fake representation of its actual capabilities. The reality is that it is not only good for nothing, but it can cause real threats to your PC. Do not believe into numerous warnings that this rogue tool will present. The problem it mentions do not really exist whereas it is Win Defragmenter that is a real problem. Therefore, take heed to our advices and follow the instuctions on removal of this junkware from your workstation.

Delete Win Defragmenter files:

Delete Win Defragmenter registry entries:

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