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Monday, December 13, 2010

HDD Recovery virus - new name in the clan of fake system optimizers

Be very careful - new fake system optimizer has been recently introduced and is not being actively spread, attacking lots of PC all over the world. This time it bears the name of HDD Recovery. This is a typical junkware that should be removed from your computer immediately upon its detection.

HDD Recovery penetrates to computers secretly, without your consent or approval. It will run various fictitious scans in order to show you that something is really wrong with your PC. You will be really tired of annoying popups that will be very pushy, trying to persuade you that indeed your computer is under very serious attack. This is where the main plot of this virus is hidden, because later on you will see the offer to buy the full version of this useless program.

Be very careful with HDD Recovery. Do not let this fake tool trick you. Do not disclose any personal information to it and, of course, do not buy it. No matter how convincing it might sound or seem to be. Otherwise the results of its activity may be really devastating, and you will not only waste money for purchasing it but, additionally, your machine may turn out to be in a real mess. Thus, seek assistance from a reputable anti-virus that can deal with its removal. Or, alternatively, use the manual removal instructions provided below.
Delete HDD Recovery files:

Delete HDD Recovery registry entries:

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