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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Smart HDD - new name in the clan of fake system optimizers

Be careful with Smart HDD virus - quite a new one being actively spread in the Web. It is only smart to steal your money and that's all it can offer. No remedy for actual virus removal. No solution for browser redirect elimination. Nothing good in response. It only aims to get funds out of your pocket. Therefore, be on alert.

Upon interference to PCs it will modify your system settings to be launched automatically with every Windows startup. Then you will face the series of fake computer scans and annoying pop-ups fabricated in order to convince you that your computer is indeed at high risk. Then the rogue would offer you to buy this junkware. Do not trust in its faulty promises. This is a typical scam not worth even considering. Thus, address to reputable anti-malware software for removal of Smart HDD. Or use manual removal recommendations provided below.

Delete Smart HDD files:

Delete Smart HDD registry entries:

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