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Monday, December 6, 2010

How to remove HDD Scan virus

HDD Scan is a virus that bears the name of a reputable software. Hence, many users treat it as a decent program, even though in reality it is just another rogue. However, you know how to distinguish virus and a decent, reputable program... Viruses in most of the cases penetrate to PCs without user's consent or approval. Well, this is exactly what HDD Scan is doing.

HDD Scan infiltrates PC via several corrupted downloads containing virus executables. After it is inside you will encounter lots of messages and warnings telling that your system is under serious virus attack. You will be then offered to purchase HDD Scan to remove the above-mentioned infections. We hope you are smart enough to understand that this is HDD Scan that is a virus and needs to be got rid of immediately. Please follow the removal manual of HDD Scan provided below.

Delete HDD Scan files:

Delete HDD Scan registry entries:

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