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Friday, December 3, 2010

What is PrivacyGuard 2010?

Have you heard of PrivacyGuard 2010? Well, we hope you haven't had a chance to see it on your PC. Cause it is beyond any doubt the program that you do not want to deal with... This is the junkware that has the only aim to steal your money and to get full control over your system. So, if you are experiencing problems with your PC and it is clear that they are caused by PrivacyGuard 2010 please take time and carefully read the brief description of this malware provided below. Our aim is to assist you in removal of this stealthware, both automatically and manually.

As soon as it infiltrates your system it will present a notification as if your computer is under very serious virus attack. By the way, similar to many other scareware applications, Privacy Guard 2010 was elaborated for the only malicious purpose, that is to perform fraud operations with unaware users by persuading them to buy full version of this program.

PrivacyGuard 2010 penetrates to PCs via some tricky trojans and browser hijackers, as well as other system vulnerabilities. As soon as the gap is found the malware is installed and automatically configured in such a manner that it will be launched with every Windows startup... Well, this is where you will be really annoyed, cause you will see plenty of popups, ads, etc. that will be really pushy and aggressive in their attempts to persuade you to click the links offered by this badware. It will present some "attractive" promises to remove viruses from your workstation, however, the items it detects are in fact either non-existing or, on the contrary, decent files that are requred for normal system performance.

To summarize the aforesaid, please take due diligence to get rid of PrivacyGuard 2010 as soon as possible, if you do not want to be tricked. Bear in mind that the world wide web is full of such malicious tools, therefore be careful what sites you visit. Stay safe with us!

Delete PrivacyGuard 2010 files:

Delete PrivacyGuard 2010 registry entries:

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