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Friday, December 24, 2010

Urgent! Beware of Scanner virus

Scanner is a new malware that has recently been elaborated. Its peculiarity is that it is represented as some system optimizer that supposedly can help you improve your system performance considerably. However, it has nothing to do with real computer functionality improvement. On the contrary, it only tries to steal your money by giving false promises without giving anything good in response. Please note that its interface is similar to Win Scanner, Disk Repair and other fake optimizers of this malicious clan.

Well, its name by itself tells of what it does upon PC penetration. It runs some fake computer scans and then reports lots of PC problems. At the same time, such problems do not really exist. However, unaware users are being tricked and thus buy the so-called "full" version of this malware. Unfortunately, this is how they are fooled. Cause doing this they are just throwing money into the wind. Thus, do not believe anything this malware tells you. Make sure and remove it at once. You may do it either manually or automatically. Good luck!

Delete Scanner virus files:

Delete Scanner virus registry entries:

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