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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Win Scanner - new fake system optimizing instrument

Win Scanner ia a virus that is actively attacking many PCs nowadays. It has a lot in common with Scan Disk virus that is very severe too. Its aim is to convince users, first of all, that it is a reputable system optimizing solution and, secondly, that your PC is in a total mess to such an extent that you need to buy Win Scanner full version to eliminate detected PC problems. By the way, on some occasions it is also called WinScanner.

Well, to make its claims more persuasive, it would run series of fake PC scans that would report thousands of computer problems of various character. Many people get really frustrated when they see what a "mess" is reported on their workstations. Then the offer would come by this rogue to buy this program, as if it is the only right solution. Well, you should be wise enough not to be tricked like that. Therefore, make sure to remove this virus entirely from your PC. By the way, if you are capable enough of doing this, you may do it manually. Good luck to you and stay safe!

Delete Win Scanner files:

Delete Win Scanner registry entries:

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