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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What is HDD Doctor and why it should be removed immediately.

HDD Doctor (also known as HDDoctor) is a severe virus. It is masked under the appearance of system optimizer. However, it has nothing to do with decent PC functionality improvement at all. It needs to be removed by all means, no matter how convincing it might sound to be.

Bear in mind that the only aim of the developers of HDDoctor was to persuade you in the fact that your PC is seriously compromised with lots of errors and has many critical system issues. It gives an empty promise that it would make your PC operate much better and that it is the only solution for PC performance improvement. Well, this is a false promise and nothing else. Do not trust it and do not buy it. Refer to decent anti-virus tool or remove HDD Doctor automatically.

Delete HDD Doctor files:

Delete HDD Doctor registry entries:

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