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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What is Hard Drive Diagnostic?

Hard Drive Diagnostic (also referred to as Hard Drive Diagnostics, HDD Diagnostic) is a malware that has nothing to do with providing reliable and decent services to your computer. Please know that this is not a reputable Windows application at all, even though it is so attractive that many users believe it is a reputable security tool. This is a virus and nothing else, a rogue that just wants to steal your funds and thus make your wallet much thinner.

Hard Drive Diagnostic tends to present the following messages: "A hard drive error occurred”, “Hard Drive is missing” or “RAM memory usage is critically high”. Bear in mind that all of them are untrue, and thus you need to stay away from purchasing this junk, because sooner or later you will see the invitation to buy this program as the only remedy for fixing the detected problems. Take your time and seek for assistance from a reliable anti-malware application. As an option, you may use the manual removal instructions presented herein.

Delete Hard Drive Diagnostic files:

Delete Hard Drive Diagnostic registry entries:

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