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Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to remove Security Shield. Automatic and manual removal instructions

Recently a new virus has been released, which is now being very severe in atacking so many PCs. Beware - its name is Security Shield. Sounds quite attractive, doesn't it? Well, the reality is that it will perform lots of malicious actions on your PC. Failure to deal with it may result it total mess and destruction of your operating system, since it cooperates with many other viruses. Yes, the consequences of it are very severe.

Remember that this is an example of rogue anti-spyware tool which, by the way, originates from the evil family of Security Tool virus. It interferes to systems via other badware and counterfeit online anti-malware scanners. Later on Security Shield will be tuned in such a manner that it will be launched automatically with each Windows launching.

When it is inside of your machine you will see a kind of computer scanning process that will soon convincingly indicate the availability of many viruses on your workstation. However, if you try to remove any of them the rogue would ask you to get its full version. At the same time, all files it claims to be infections are actually legitimate Windows files. Thus, you should keep away from deleting manually any of the files it states to be infections. If you do so your computer may no longer function as it normally does.

To sum-up the above-mentioned, do not buy this junkware. Seek assistance from a reputable software that is capable enough of removing this virus. Or, if you are experienced enough, you may try to remove the files and registry entries of this badware. Their paths are supplied below. But be careful not to remove other legitimate files and registry entries which are necessary for normal PC performance.
Delete Security Shield files:

Delete Security Shield registry entries:

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