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Friday, December 10, 2010

What is HDD Repair?

Be not deceived - HDD Repair is a malware that has been just recently launched by malware developers into the world wide web. Remember that it is a twin of HDD Plus virus that has become really severe recently and has considerably irritated many PC users. You should be diligent enough not to be deceived by HDD Repair - because outwardly it is designed as a well-establishd tool that bravely claims to be the program that is supposedly able to essentially upgrade the functionality of your machine. However, it is just another malicious tool not worth considering or buying.

HDD Repair upon penetration to PC shows tons of counterfeit security alerts stating that some repair process is running. By now you probably are clever enough to realize that in reality these are simply HDD Repair virus popup notices that are generated for the only fraudulent aim – that is to persuade you in the need to may money for this rogue in order to remove the detected viruses. Needless to say, this rogue just aims to fool you and to steal funds from you. It is not capable at all to provide reliable PC defense. Thus, please do not buy it, otherwise the consequences of its activity may turn out to be really unpredictable. You need to use the benefits of reputable anti-virus and anti-malware tool that can remove this virus from your computer immediately. We recommend GridinSoft Trojan Killer for this purpose. As an option, you may try to remove the files and registry entries of this virus manually as prescribed below.

Delete HDD Repair files:

Delete HDD Repair registry entries:

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