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Saturday, December 11, 2010

What is HDD Resque and why should it be removed?

HDD Resque is a continuation of the range of fake system optimizing applications, such as HDD Repair, HDD Plus and many others... In fact there are many of them, and their behavior has too much in common. They all bring many problems to your computer and may ruin its normal performance.

Upon its successful installation to your PC secretly and without any consent you will see a bunch of scary warnings. They would boldly say that your PC is bein greatly attacked by viruses and other serious malware. Later on you will see the invitation to buy the full version of HDD Resque as if it can provide removal of such detected viruses. Hoewever, bear in mind that they are all fabricated and do not need to pay attention to. It is HDD Repair that needs to be removed instead. Therefore, please be so kind to listen to our recommendations given below on automatic and manual removal of this stealthware.

Delete HDD Resque files:

Delete HDD Resque registry entries:

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